Based in Honolulu, HI, 3leet5u is the software sketchbook of Tristan Madden.

Simplex Noise

I recently sought out to find an easier way to create perfectly looped animations and discovered the idea of 4D Simplex Noise. The internet oracles led me to necessarydisorder's WordPress tutorial entitled Drawing from noise, and then making animated loopy GIFs from there. which I found to be very informative and inspiring. I built upon what I've done in previous projects; creating a 2D grid of pixel objects and animating them, this time mapping their motion to the noise function. At lower scales (< 0.001) the motion is organic and smooth enough to produce some nice effects that approach the uncanny valley. At higher scales (>= 0.01) this becomes the wrong application of the noise, and would probably be better suited for things like terrain generation.

Brighter pixels have more motion. Scale = 0.0001

Darker pixels have more motion. Scale = 0.0001

This is a mess, but it took 3 hours to render so onto the website it goes. Scale = 0.05

Quite pleased with how organic and unsettling this looks. Scale = 0.0005

Generating terrain with simplex noise

Cube Wave